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How To Keep Your Lawn Green Over Summer

It’s one of the hardest tasks as a landscaper and gardener, how to protect your lawn from the harsh Australian summer sun. Well, there are a few ways you can protect your garden and soil from the sun, to ultimately keep your lawn looking lush and bright in even the harshest conditions.

Water Time

It’s important to know when the best time to water your lawn is to keep it nice and lush. The best time to water is early in the morning. Not only does your lawn absorb more water without the cooler sunlight in the morning enables photosynthesis without evaporation. Directing your water evenly across the lawn as well is key.

Keep on top of Weeds

Nothing kills your lawn quicker than weeds. It’s forever been the toughest thing to keep your lawn weed free, but you need to get on top of it as quick as you can, as you don’t want the weeds root systems to take away from your lawns, weakening them and causing them to suffer more in the heat than they might otherwise.


In the winter your lawn will need a little bit more of a feed, so fertilising is key in setting up the root system for the harsh summer. The springtime is the perfect time to set up your lawn for the summer with fertiliser, and this will help its longevity during the scalding hot days.


You don’t want to mow your grass too low, as that will stunt its growth and cause it to die out earlier in the heat. Setting your mower on a higher level will keep it trim, but also enable the blades to absorb the sun and longer grass means longer roots that can bury themselves in the dense soil and absorb the best nutrients possible.

When it comes down to the summertime, it really just is about caring for your lawn and taking the time to water it properly and fertilise, if you stick to this routine, you’ll see the benefits of a lush bright green lawn all summer long.

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