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How To Add a Pond to Your Garden

Backyard garden ponds have started to become extremely popular over the last few years, with many homeowners opting to install one in their gardens. They’re a fantastic way to showcase the flow of your garden and open up more opportunities for water features and other landscaping options later down the track, but how do you install a pond into an already established garden?

Firstly, you need to think about the size of your pond and where it will sit. It means mapping out the area well and considering what you want to surround your pond with, whether it be a paved surface or even a concreted area around the pond. You also need to take into consideration if you will have fish in the pond also, as some require a larger space to live in. Having some sunlight on it to keep it warm is also a must, while also keeping trees to a minimum above it as leaves will fall and clog up the system often.

Heading to your local garden supplier to work out what materials are best to install into your pond area is key. If you’re doing it yourself, you need to take care when lining the pond, as you don’t want it to be leaking underneath after you’ve finished, meaning you’ll have to dig it up and start over. Most linings have a 20-year warranty, but some can be upwards of 30-40 years, it just depends on your budget.

To maintain and keep a healthy and clean pond, you must have a filter and pump that regulates the water, so you don’t have to tend to it constantly. This means you might need to get a professional in, to wire up the system and to keep inside safety regulations. Once you have all this installed, you can start to plan your edging and surrounds of the pond.

It’s important to check the regulations around building a pond before you start. Some require a fence depending on the size, so it’s best to check your local regulations.

Kennedy’s Cranbourne can help facilitate the construction of your pond, with many materials and garden options to choose from.

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