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How to lay pavers using crushed stone dust instead of sand

  1. Good preparation of a site is important before laying pavers and there are a few options to go with.
  2. A firm base of crushed rock with a layer of crusher dust or stone dust.
  3. Blue Stone Dust or Gold Dust are a great alternative to concrete sand for laying pavers.
  4. To lay pavers, dig out your area, make a firm base, top with crushed dust or sand, use a string line and rubber mallet, lay your pavers carefully.                                          See the instructions below.

How to lay pavers:

Lay pavers using crushed stone dust as an alternative to sand.

Dig out your area

Form a solid foundation by digging out and leveling off the area you are going to pave.

Make a firm base

Leave enough depth for a generous layer amount of 20mm B grade crushed rock.   The crushed rock will stabilise the ground and stop the pavers from sinking.

Use a compactor to make sure this sub base pacts firmly.

compact the base before paving

Top with Crusher Dust

Add a finer layer of Blue Stone crushed dust and level off with a screed.

The pavers will be placed on top of this layer of crushed dust.

A layer of Stone dust is used here instead on concrete sand.

Use a String Line

A string line will help you to place your pavers in the right location.

use stringline for paving

Lay the pavers

Once the base is firm and level, the pavers can then be laid.

Lay the pavers one at a time, using a string line to keep them straight.

Using a rubber hammer or mallet to knock the pavers down into place.

This will ensure the surface is level and smooth to walk on.

Use a rubber mallet

There are many ways to lay pavers and this is just one very popular option.

Well laid pavers can endure the test of time and look their best for many years to come.

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