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Managing drainage in a flooded yard

Excessive rain over the wet season can often make if difficult for water to drain away at the usual pace.  To save your landscaped garden from erosion, it is important to improve the drainage problems in your yard.  The severity of flooding determines which drainage solution to use.

For superficial drainage, a spoon drain is best to direct the flow of water away from the rain soaked areas.  Installation of agricultural pipes like the 90 mm slotted agi pipe or the flexible agflow pipes are better for water which has soaked into the ground.

Managing drainage for a flooded yard can be done using either a spoon drain for surface water or using a 90 mm slotted PVC pipe or Ag flow with or without a geo-fabric sock to keep the drain free of dirt and silt.

What is a spoon drain?

A spoon drain is a shallow spoon shaped channel which redirects excessive water sitting on the grounds surface. It is the easiest drainage solution to redirect surface water.

Drainage in paving and concrete

Hard surfaces in outdoor areas such as paving and concrete need to have a fall to allow for water runoff.  Adding a reln channel and grate is a designer solution that covers the drains which blend into the paving or concrete areas.

The channel is connected to the storm water system which allows water to flow out to street gutters or drains.

drainage solutions with paving
drainage solutions with paving

What is agi pipe used for?

An agi pipe is a slotted PVC pipe which is placed into a trench and back filled with 10 mm or 20 mm gravel, drainage scoria or sand.  Excess water that has soaked into the ground, seeps into the trench, through the rocks and is drained away through the slotted PVC pipe.  The flexible agflo pipes are also a good choice for drainage. Sometimes the Agflo is covered with a Geo fabric sock that keeps the dirt and silt out of the pipe.

What to know about agricultural pipes

Agricultural pipes need to be able to flow away downhill and installed to the direction of water-flow.  The pipe needs to be kept at least 1 metre away from the house and you should never run slotted pope drains under the house as this may cause damage.

Water drainage in grass
Water drainage in grass

Drainage in retaining walls

When constructing retaining walls, the installation of groundwater drainage is recommended using agi pipe.  This will help to prevent damage to the wall and formation of sinkholes in the soil above.  Geo-textile filter fabrics need to be installed with the drainage system to prevent soil erosion.

Improving drainage problems in your yard will save your yard and your landscaped garden from erosion.

For responsible water disposal, water must be directed to a disposal point acceptable to your neighborhood and your council.

Remember, If in doubt, always seek advice or services of a registered plumber.

drainage solutions
drainage solutions

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