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Using Lava Rocks Or Scoria As Mulch In Garden Beds

Lava rocks, also known as Drainage Scoria, are igneous rocks created when molten lava cools and solidifies. They generally have a rough texture with holes that were formed by gasses escaping during the cooling process.
Scoria rock is available in different sizes and shapes and can range from black to red in colour, depending on their chemical composition. It has many uses in gardening such as for landscaping, mulch, and drainage systems.

Why Use Lava Rocks in Gardening?

Scoria rocks are an ideal choice for gardening due to their excellent drainage and aeration properties.
The rocky structure of the lava rock helps to create air pockets which allow water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil, ensuring that plants receive adequate amounts of both.
Additionally, its porous nature prevents moisture from being retained and making the soil soggy or compacted.
Furthermore, because it is a natural material with good thermal insulation qualities it can help keep root systems at a more consistent temperature throughout different seasons.

How to Use Lava Rocks in Gardening?

When using lava rocks for gardening there are several steps that need to be taken beforehand.
Firstly, you should ensure that the area where you plan on laying them down is free from any obstructions such as weeds or roots so they have maximum contact with the soil beneath them.
Secondly, you should spread out an even layer of lava rock over your desired space before tamping it down lightly with a rake or shovel handle.
Finally, add organic matter such as compost or peat moss on top of the stones if desired before watering thoroughly until all particles have been moistened evenly across your garden bed’s surface.

Benefits of Using Lava Rocks in Gardening

One of the main benefits of using lava rocks in gardening is better soil drainage. The porous nature of this material allows water to pass through easily while also allowing air to move freely throughout the soil, ensuring that plants are able to receive both without any hindrance.
This can be particularly beneficial for areas with heavy rainfall or poor drainage as it helps prevent flooding and waterlogging.
Additionally, because these rocks hold little moisture themselves, they act as a natural weed suppressant; preventing weeds from taking over your garden beds by competing with them for resources such as light and nutrients.
Another benefit that comes from utilising lava rocks in your garden is its ability to regulate soil moisture levels.
By providing an even layer across the surface it ensures that evaporation takes place gradually rather than all at once which can result in dry patches or overly saturated areas.
Furthermore, since lava rock does not degrade over time like other mulching materials such as wood chips or leaves it provides an effective barrier against topsoil erosion caused by wind or rain runoff; helping keep nutrient-rich topsoil where you want it – right on your plants!
Finally, when adding lava rock into your landscape design you will find that maintenance requirements become much less intensive overall due to its long lasting properties.
As opposed to organic composts which require regular replenishment every season, this type of material has no need for frequent topping up; making it an ideal choice for those who may not have time for constant upkeep but still wish their gardens look neat and presentable year after year!


Scoria rocks are excellent materials for use in gardening projects due to their unique drainage and aeration properties.
Not only do they provide an ideal structure for water and air to penetrate deeply into the soil but also help regulate moisture levels more evenly throughout different seasons.
Since these rocks are incredibly durable it means that maintenance requirements become much less intensive over time; making them a great choice for those who may not have the time or resources available regularly for upkeep.
When used properly within your landscaping design you can create an attractive outdoor space which is both low-maintenance yet still aesthetically pleasing!
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